Islamic Clothing Garland, Texas – Hijab, Arabic Clothing Stores and Shops Information

Garland is a city in Dallas and Collin counties in the U.S. state of Texas. It is an inner suburb northeast of Dallas and is a major part of the Dallas-Fort worth Metropolis. As of the 2000 census, the city had a population of 218,768, making it the tenth-most populous city in Texas and the eighty-sixth most populous city in the United States. Garland is within a short driving distance of most major attractions in the Dallas/Fort worth Area.

Islamic Clothing information can be obtained from the following Islamic shops, and mosques in Garland and surrounding areas.

  1. Al Hedayah Academy
  2. Al-Hadi School
  3. Amana Academy
  4. Ameen People Montessori
  5. Austin Peace Academy
  6. Brighter Horizons Academy
  7. Darul Arqam School North
  8. Everest Academy (also known as Darul Arqam School South)
  9. IACC Academy
  10. IANT Qur’anic Academy
  11. ILM Academy
  12. Iman Academy – S.E.
  13. Islamic Acadmy of San Antonio
  14. Islamic School of Irving
  15. Madrassat Al Nur
  16. Peace Academy
  17. Renaissance Academy
  18. The Islamic Center of Irving
  19. Al-Hedaya Academy
  20. Al Nur School
  21. TylerIslamicSchool
  22. The Islamic Education Center of Houston
  23. Islamic Academy
  24. Islamic Academy of San Antonio
  25. Islamic Directions & Enhancement  Association

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