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Oakland is the eighth-largest city in the U.S. state of California and a major West Coast port city, located on San Francisco Bay about eight miles east of the City of San Francisco. Oakland is a major hub city for the Bay Area subregion collectively called the EastBay, and it is the county seat of Alameda County. Based on United States Census Bureau estimates for 2008, Oakland is the 44th-largest city in the United States with a population of 404,155.

The area was inhabited by the Ohlone people for thousands of years before Spanish settlers displaced them in the 18th and 19th centuries. Spain expanded the Viceroyalty of New Spain and colonized Alta California to stop the advancement of Russia from Alaska. Much of the land that was to become Oakland was held by the Peralta family under the Rancho San Antonio (Peralta) land grant. New Spain became independent in 1821 under the name “Mexico.” In 1846, the Territory of Alta California was conquered by American forces, becoming simply “California.” Throughout the 1840s and 1850s, American squatters laid legal claim to the land held by the Peralta family, and in 1852 the California legislature incorporated the town of Oakland.

Islamic Clothing information can be obtained from the following Islamic shops, and mosques in Oakland and surrounding areas.

1.                   Al Huda Islamic School

2.                   Al-Arqam Islamic School

3.                   Al-HadiSchool

4.                   Al-MadinahSchool

5.                   Al-RidahAcademy

6.                   AlManarModernSchool

7.                   AmaanahMontessoriSchool

8.                   CaliforniaScienceAcademy

9.                   City of KnowledgeSchool

10.               ClaraMuhammadSchool

11.               Dar Ul Uloom

12.               Darul Uloom Al Islamiyah (Boarding School for Boys – Emphasis on Hafiz )

13.               Folsom CrescentSchool

14.               Granada Islamic School

15.               ICCCommunitySchoolClaremont

16.               Islamic Academy of Riverside

17.               Islamic School of San Diego

18.               MerajAcademy

19.               New HorizonElementary School of Irvine

20.               New Horizon Irvine

21.               New HorizonSchoolPasadena

22.               New HorizonSchool-Los Angeles

23.               New Horizon Westside

24.               NorthstarSchool

25.               OrangeCrescentSchool

26.               PeaceTerraceAcademy

27.               QurtobahSchool

28.               Salam Elementary

29.               Silicon ValleyAcademy

30.               StraightWaySchool

31.               ValleyCrescentSchool

32.               New HorizonSchool

33.               Al-BasitAcademy

34.               Al – MadinahSchool

35.               Al Furqan

36.               Annur Islamic School

37.               SisterClaraMuhammadSchool

38.               Islamic Middle School

39.               Al Qalam

40.               Silicon ValleyAcademy

41.               Al-Huda Islamic School

42.               Al Ridah Academy

43.               TaqwaSchool for Children

44.               As-Safa

45.               Islamic School of Greater New Orleans

46.               Al RashidWeekendSchool

47.               Al-Arqam Islamic School

48.               Muhammad university of islam

49.               IftinCharterSchool

50.               Al-Ilm Educational Institute (Emphasis on Hafiz)

51.               InternationalStudiesAcademy

52.               Council of Islamic Education

53.               OCI Foundation

54.               Islamic Center of Hawthorne (AlHudaSchool)

55.               Al-Rasool

56.               Islamic EducationSchool

57.               SouthBay Islamic School

58.               M T O ShahmaghsoudiSchool of Islamic Fusfifem

59.               Islamic Center of San Diego

60.               ICC Islamic School

61.               Islamic WeekendSchool

62.               Islamic Center of Riverside

63.               IslamCenter of Livermore

64.               Torrance Islamic Institute

65.               WDM Islamic Learning Center Inc

66.               Fatimah Girl’s Academy

67.               Intesar Schneider

68.               Islamic Cultural Center Of Northern California

Islamic and Muslim Clothing in OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA

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Islamic and Muslim Clothing in OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA

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