Islamic Clothing Orlando, Florida – Hijab, Arabic Clothing Stores and Shops Information


Orlando is a city in the central region of the U.S. state of Florida. It is the county seat of Orange County and the center of the Greater Orlando metropolitan region. The Greater Orlando metropolitan area has a population of 2,054,574 while the city-proper population is 230,519 (July 2008 estimate). It is the fifth largest city in Florida by population. It was incorporated on July 31, 1875, and became a city in 1885.

Originally the center of a major citrus-growing region, Orlando is now an urban city with various industries. The area is a major tourist destination and is the home of the Universal Orlando Resort, and Sea World. Orlando is also about 21 miles Northeast of Lake Buena Vista, Florida, home of the Walt Disney World Resort. These attractions helped make Orlando the third most visited American city among travelers in the year 2007. Since the establishment of destination tourism in the 1970s, the local economy has diversified, and today the region is the center of operations for companies servicing Central Florida. Orlando is also home to the University of Central Florida, the largest university campus by student enrollment in the state of Florida and among the largest in the United States.

In 2008, Orlando was listed as a “high sufficiency” world-city in the World Cities Study Group’s inventory by Southborough University.

Islamic Clothing information can be obtained from the following Islamic shops, and mosques in Orlando and surrounding areas.

  1. Al-FurqanAcademy
  2. AlazharSchool
  3. AmericanYouthAcademy
  4. BuenavistaMuslimAcademy
  5. ClaraMuhammadSchool
  6. ClaraMuhammadSchool
  7. ClaraMuhammadSchool
  8. Darul Uloom Institute & TrainingCenter
  9. Garden of the SahabaAcademy
  10. Ibn Seena Academy
  11. Muslim Academy of CentralFlorida
  12. Nur Ul IslamAcademy
  13. Panama City Advanced School
  14. Salah Tawfik Elementary and Middle School
  15. UniversalAcademy of Florida
  16. Islamic Foundation of South Florida
  17. Nur-Ul Islam
  18. MuslimAcademy of Greater Orlando
  19. Darul Uloom Florida
  20. Islamic Academy of Huda
  21. Al AzharSchool
  22. Pompano Beach Islamic School
  23. Islamic School Of Miami
  24. AmanaAcademy
  25. School of Islamic Studies
  26. Islamic Community of Tampa
  27. Islamic Center Of Orlando
  28. Husseini Islamic Center


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