Islamic Clothing Yonkers, New York – Hijab, Arabic Clothing Stores and Shops Information


Yonkers is the fourth most populous city in the state of New York (behind New York City, Buffalo and Rochester), and the most populous city in West chester County, New York, with a population of 196,086 (according to the 2000 census). More recent estimates put the population at 197,234 in 2002, 197,126 in 2004, 196,425 in 2005, and currently it is estimated to be around 250,000 citizens. Yonkers borders the New York City borough of The Bronx and is 2 miles (3 km) north of Manhattan at the cities’ two respective closest points.

The city is home to several attractions: the Hudson River Museum, the Sherwood House, the Science Barge, Cross County Shopping Center, Yonkers Raceway, a harness racing track that has renovated its grounds and clubhouse and added legalized video slot machine gambling in 2006 in a “racino” called EmpireCity.

Islamic Clothing information can be obtained from the following Islamic shops, and mosques in Yonkers and surrounding areas

  1. Al ImanSchool
  2. Al Madrasa Al Islamiyah
  3. Al Noor Elementary and Intermediate School
  4. Al NurSchool
  5. Al-IhsanAcademy (formerly Islamic Elementary School)
  6. Al-IhsanSchool
  7. Al-MadinaSchool
  8. AndalusiaSchool
  9. ClaraMuhammadSchool
  10. ClaraMuhammadSchool
  11. ClaraMuhammadSchool
  12. CrescentSchool
  13. Darul Uloom Al Madania (Boarding School for Girls and Boys – Separate Campuses)
  14. El-Ber Islamic School
  15. Ideal Islamic School
  16. Islamic LeadershipSchool
  17. MDQAcademy
  18. Miraj Islamic School
  19. MuslimCenterElementary School
  20. RaziSchool
  21. The CrescentAcademy
  22. UniversalSchool at Buffalo
  23. WestfallAcademy
  24. Al Ihsan Academy
  25. SisterClaraMuhammadSchool
  26. Masjid Darul Quran Schools
  27. Al Madrassa Al Islamiya
  28. Al-MaidaAcademy
  29. New UtrechtHigh School
  30. Al NoorSchool
  31. Mid-Hudson islamic Association
  32. Al-Madrasa Al-Islamiya
  33. Al-MadinahSchool
  34. MuslimCenterElementary School
  35. Madrasah Al-Ihsan
  36. An-NurSchool
  37. Ideal Islamic School
  38. Al-MamoorSchool
  39. Islamic Schools Association
  40. MuslimParochial School
  41. CrescentSchool
  42. Al Ihsan Islamic School
  43. Dar ul ArkamSchool
  44. Muslim Daughters Educational Center


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