Islamic Stores Aurora, Illinois – Halal meat, Grocery Shops, Books and Clothing businesses

Aurora is the second largest city in Illinois, with a population of 171,782   and part of the Chicago metropolitan area. The city refers to itself as “The City of Lights” because it was one of the first cities in the United States to implement an all-electric street lighting system in 1881. Aurora officially adopted the nickname in 1908. The city has many outlets, stores, and shops that provide Muslim and Middle Eastern merchandize that includes Halal meat, Islamic Clothing, Groceries, Books, Clothing, Indian jewelry, wedding and marriage dresses.

Islamic stores and businesses includes ethnic products from countries such as India, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Persian, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and many other countries.

Islamic businesses in Aurora and surrounding areas of Illinois include some of the following stores.

  1. Downtown Islamic Center
  2. ICC Masjid – At-Takaful Islamic Society
  3. Makki Masjid
  4. Islamic Federation
  5. Illinois Masjids
  6. Memon Po!nt
  7. ICNA Chicago
  8. Islamic Community Center
  9. Islamic Center
  10. Makki Masjid
  11. Midwest Association
  12. MuslimCommunity Center
  13. Islamic Foundation of Peoria
  14. Islamic Society of Greater Springfield
  15. Don Moss & Associates, Inc.
  16. Muslim Society Inc
  17. Midwest Islamic Center
  18. Moss Advertising
  19. Mosque Foundation
  20. Iman Fund
  21. Islamic Center of Naperville
  22. Muslim Association of Greater Rockford

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