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Islamic Stores – Independence, Missouri – Halal meat, Grocery Shops, Books and Clothing businesses

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Independence is the fourth largest city in the U.S. state of Missouri, and is contained within the counties of Jackson (primarily) and Clay. It is part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. The city had a total population of 121,212 in 2008, and is the 201st largest city in the United States. Independence is one of two county seats of JacksonCounty, and is known as the “QueenCity of the Trails” because it was a point of departure of the California, Oregon and Santa Fe Trails.  The city has many outlets, stores, and shops that provide Muslim and Middle Eastern merchandize that includes Halal meat, Islamic Clothing, Groceries, Books, Clothing, Indian jewelry, wedding and marriage dresses.

Islamic stores and businesses includes ethnic products from countries such as India, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Persian, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and many other countries.

Islamic businesses in Independence and surrounding areas of Missouri include some of the following stores.

  1. Al-Inshirah Islamic Center
  2. Al-Haqq Islamic Center
  3. Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City
  4. Muhammad Mosque #28
  7. Northwest Islamic Center
  8. Islamic Foundation St. Louis
  9. Grand Islamic Center
  10. Muslim Network of St. Louis
  11. Abou Ben Adhem Shrine
  12. Az-Zahra Islamic Center
  13. Islamic Center of CentralMissouri
  14. Islamic School of ColumbiaMissouri
  15. Islamic School of ColumbiaMissouri